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This site is very useful for accessing excellent graphics, slide presentations etc. It contains some very good Learn to Read the Bible presentations. Contributions to the site are welcome. Bro. Matt Drywood, Hamilton Ontario,  manages this site. Bro. Jon Fletcher, the designer of our CPRC site has helped bro. Matt with his site's new look Below is bro. Matt's description of the site and its aims.

Adelphosweb provides visual aids to assist Christadelphian brethren in preaching efforts and mutual spiritual growth around the globe. Without your support, this site, which is a centralized location for downloading material, would not exist. By contributing material to this site, you are helping other brethren spread the word, and therefore are taking part in preaching and teaching. I would like to thank all those who have already contributed to the overheads and seminar information.

We have recently added a new section for Historical Books and Articles. This includes very Rare articles of our community and also other historical treasures.

Because of the nature of these files, authorization is required via email. If you would like to contribute anything, please contact me at the email link provided on the site. Please understand that since this site's purpose is not to promote controversial information, all material is screened before being posted on the site. Thank you for your help.

Yours by his grace,

Bro. Matt Drywood

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