Make my vagina smell good

People swear they'll make your vagina taste and smell better. Here's the deal: Vaginal suppositories aren't anything new—they're typically solid medications that melt inside your body to treat infections, reduce dryness, and help with lubrication. But now in a series of TikTok videos, some unmedicated vaginal suppositories—referred to as "vaginal moisturizing melts" or "vaginal moisturizing suppositories"—are causing a buzz on social media as a way to make your vagina smell and taste better. In one video, posted back in January, TikTok user britneyw24 recommends the melts for anyone about to "have a little fun time with your man.
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The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Vagina’s Bouquet of Scents

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How To Make Your Vagina Smell Good [Proven Tips]

While there are no valid scientific studies on how to change the taste of your vagina , it certainly doesn't stop people from speculating. The rumors are legion: Does garlic make it taste strange? What about asparagus, probably the most well-known pee odor-changer out there? And does pineapple really sweeten the pot? Let's get one thing clear: As long as you're healthy, your vagina smells and tastes perfectly fine. It's not supposed to smell like roses or taste like candy.
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All vaginas have a scent—and no, it's not a bouquet of roses. Here's how to tell when something is off down below. You can always count on Gwyneth Paltrow to introduce bizarre new products and treatments, like vampire repellent spray and vagina steaming.
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Your intimate parts are a delicate area of your body. Its health is highly important, which is why it should come first above all else. Many women may have noticed that their vag smells and want it to smell good, as it may not be perfectly clean. The truth is that the vagina can have several smells, depending on the time of your cycle and if it has an imbalance or infection.
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