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Mermeia was a holographic fantasy woman who existed within virtual reality as an erotic entertainer for users of mind evaporators and holoprojectors. When accessed via the former device, she was a product of the user's deepest desires, and she appeared to them as created by their mind. On at least two occasions, she appeared as a slim woman with the features of a Human. Mermeia sang , danced, and flirted with those who accessed her, and the experience resulted in considerable pleasure for user and entertainer alike. Shortly after 0 BBY , Mermeia danced for an enthralled, holoprojector-using Twi'lek , and in 1 ABY , she sang the song " This Minute " to Attichitcuk , an elderly and excitable Wookiee who viewed her performance through a mind evaporator. Mermeia was a holographic woman [1] and a private entertainer [2] who existed within virtual reality.

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Leonia Tavira stepped into the hall with the other new prisoners. She had attempted to join the New Republic, but they were investigating her, so she was held in a prison on Coruscant until her fate would be decided. Petit, Leonia had violet eyes and long dark hair that fell down to the small of her back. Her prison costume, a tight Lycra suit that showed off her small body was bright neon orange. It covered her up to her jaw and out to her wrists and terminated in attached boots at the bottom. It had a zip that began below her navel and traveled down around to her back through her legs to the small of her back. That was so she could go to the bathroom.

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The dark skinned boy felt tense, yet calm. As a Jedi to be, he never let his emotions take over him, for doing so was the path to the dark side and he had seen what Sith Lords became: empty shells lusting for more power and fearing to lose it all. The dark side led to torment and fulfillment became impossible. The academy made sure to keep their students off this dark path and the boy had made sure to follow their teachings as well as he could. It seemed his teachers were satisfied with him too and he had quickly increased in rank within the other students.
When I was a kid, I had a dream video game. The aim of the game is to become the most famous smuggler in the galaxy. How you get there is entirely up to you. You earn the fame you need to win by completing jobs, and those jobs are as varied as delivering illegal cargo, hunting down Star Wars characters with a price on their head, defeating Imperial or Rebel patrols in space combat and even RPG-like quests. The varied ways you can reach the required amount of fame, and the way games unfold depending on which characters are in play and what kind of ship you have also mean that no two games ever play out quite the same.
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